Jay Wommack Infinit-i Selling Process


Jay was a guest speaker on The Voice of Freedom 107FM – Jeff Aiken Show in Texarkana, Texas. Listen in as Jay discusses the Infinit-I Selling Process and the various issues that selling evokes. Radio Interview.

The Oklahoma Trucking Association and Vertical Alliance Group, the official partner for web-based training and learning management solutions, had its President & CEO, Mr. Jay Wommack, as their featured speaker at the Farewell Brunch of the Annual Convention. Mr. Wommack’s presentation was on how demographics impact the economy and more importantly your business. He will share with you how you can forecast your business based off the consumption of simple things like potato chips and how you can figure out what’s going to happen in the economy, your business, and how to predict it. Jay's Business Round-table Presentation.

Our one minute Radio spot for The Infinit-I Selling Process produced on the theme of Independence and the 4th of July. Commercial Spot.

Jay was a speaker on The Voice of Freedom 107 FM – Jeff Aiken Show in Texarkana, Texas. Jay and Jeff spoke of the association of freedom and sales. Radio Interview.

Here is a sample from Jay’s 52 week Video series. #13, FAITH Please watch. Every video is packed with information that you can use and apply. Invest in yourself. Order today!

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