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Infinit-i Selling Process Master's Program

What is the Infinit-i Selling Process master program? It is a 52 session online sales training – coaching – mentoring super program. You learn at your own pace, within your own timeframe, and you can learn from anywhere there is an internet.

Why the 52 sessions? Initially, it was designed to provide salespeople with a new training session every week for a year. However, it doesn't have to take 52-weeks for you to complete all of the sessions. If you're like me, you'll want to go through as many sales training sessions as possible, as quickly as possible. However, there is a critically important assignment attached to each training session. To complete these assignments successfully, you're going to need to devote some time and thought to each and every one of them.

There is a second motive to our madness. We want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams as a sales professional. The Infinit-i Selling Process is simple but it does require effort along with an on-going positive outlook. And just like anything that requires effort, there will be times when you may become frustrated, even discouraged. When those times come, you need a coach and a mentor. Someone who has experienced the things you will experience and triumphed over adversity. So what do you do? You login and go to the session that deals with what you're facing.

Each session contains a video which is approximately 3 min. in length. In addition, you will have an assignment which helps you nail down your personal approach to building relationships with your clients. You will never stop fine-tuning your skills. When you complete an assignment you will want to create a notebook that contains your solution to the particular issue each assignment addresses. As time goes on, you can review your work, make adjustments, test them, and get better.

You know, the biggest single problem we face in marketing the Infinit-i Selling Process is that we are often required to talk to sales managers or seasoned sales personnel. Why is this a problem? Because as often as not, they want to tell us that they are already doing all the things contained in the Infinit-i Selling Process. Within a very short few questions, we can see that that is simply not the case. I happen to love watching college football in the fall. Isn't it ironic that the best coaches tend to keep their teams at the top of the win list year in and year out. What do they have in common? Their teams are balanced. Their offense is great and their defense is great. Their kicking game is great and their special teams are great. No detail is overlooked. That's why they win.

Certainly, most successful companies do many, if not most of the tasks contained in the Infinit-i Selling Process. But most isn't "all" and "all" is the difference between winning and coming in second place. Egos have no place in the Infinit-i Selling Process. This is about building confidence by doing the right things, the right way, time and time again. You will not be intimidated by more experienced sales personnel. You will not be discouraged when a prospect doesn't seem to be interested in what you have to offer. You have the tools in place that guarantee your success when you use them consistently. I know this to be true, not based on theory, but from in the trenches experience and observation of hundreds of successful salespeople.

Of all the investments you could make toward improving your career, dollar for dollar, this is the best. It's back to basics… The absolute fundamentals required to achieve your dreams through sales.

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