Jay Wommack Infinit-i Selling Process

The Infinit-i Selling Process is . . .
what everyone should know about
"how to increase sales".

The creators of the Infinit-i Selling Process have invested over 35 years of studying teachers, material, and strategies.

The Infinit-i Selling Process will help you to:

  • Find customers, your prospect lists.

  • Develop ways to communicate with those customers, your presentations.

  • Design a plan for consistent actions.

  • Build long-term relationships.

  • Reap the benefits from doing the previous steps correctly.

We have found that you don’t have to be a skilled sales person to be a successful sales person. Skill comes over time. Learn the PROCESS first and the skill will follow.

Another great thing about the Infinit-i Selling Process is that it is easy to follow but don’t let that fool you. Every element of the process is critical. Our company has been using this process over twelve (12) years and we will gladly compare our  growth with any company.

Also, with the Infinit-i Selling Process you do not have to seek or hire seasoned, skilled sales personnel. In fact, you will probably discover that it’s not the old pros that excel, it’s the newbie's who open to trust the process.

“So, how do I get started?”

We offer several options that you can explore. If you are just curious, order the FREE Quick Start - "White Paper". It provides an outline and glimpse of the Infinit-i Selling Process.

The first real step is to purchase THE INFINIT-I SELLING PROCESS BOOK. It is concise and direct. Understanding the process will take time as you apply and implement each phase. You will want to make it your go-to manual, and you will certainly want to do all the exercises included with each chapter. You will read and re-read this book over and over again until every detail is engrained into your mind.

Available also for purchase in CD or MP-3 formats.

When you need more . . .

With anything we do in life…that is new and exciting…we tend to start out like gang busters…then lose our motivation and enthusiasm when we start facing challenges beyond our comfort level.

The Master Program is for individuals and companies who wish to maximize their investment. They want a coach and mentor. The program consists of; the Book  plus 52 weeks of Online Training through the Vertical Alliance  LMS. You can set your own pace but we encourage you to work each session over the course of the week. 

Join us in building a community of peers who grow their business through professional selling.

“I have a staff of sales people. I may need more help.”

Expert Sales Advice, Consulting and Direction

Many companies try to be so dynamic in their sales process but they fail to realize the core elements for success.

Mr. Wommack, President and CEO of Vertical Alliance Group, created The Infinit-i Selling Process to address these core elements which has proven to increase sales and significantly reduce the cost of sales helping him build a multi-million dollar business.

Regardless of the size or type of your organization we can provide you a personalized approach to address your needs. Whether it is a speaking arrangement for 2 hours or specialized training, we can arrange it.

Our mission is to help as many businesses as possible achieve the sales success they desire. As long as you are succeeding, we are succeeding.


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