Jay Wommack Infinit-i Selling Process

Infinit-i Selling Process Book

"I have spent over 35 years accumulating and applying the information contained in this sales training book. What I'm saying is, this is not guesswork our speculation, it is exactly what I have used and trained the sales force within my company, Vertical Alliance Group, to use resulting in triple digit sales increases year in and year out. Put this dynamic selling process to use as we have, and see your dreams become reality." Jay Wommack CEO Vertical Alliance Group.

Chapter 1 an introduction were you'll learn about the "what's in it for me" concept, and be introduced into the meaning of "basic unit of wealth".

Chapter 2 is the 1st step to help you discover ways to build a list of customers tailored to your companies strength.

Chapter 3 the 2nd step looks at your sales presentations and shows you how a good prospecting script will eliminate fears of rejection that plague inexperienced salespeople.

Chapter 4 begins the 3rd step were you will create a plan of action and then… Act. You will look at things like, "selling when you don't want to sell". You will also look at the magic of consistent action.

Chapter 5 cover the 4th step about the importance of follow-up…building relationships and expanding your success as a result of those relationships. This step will show you very important steps most salespeople neglect to do. As a result, even the greenest salesperson can outperform seasoned veterans.

Chapter 6 the 5th step you will create your business model. This will show you what you need to do to accomplish your sales dreams.

Chapter 7 you will learn to believe in the process trust the process and you will succeed.

At the end of each chapter, there's an exercise. These exercises are very important to your success. These exercises will help you drill down and discover sales elements you need, that is, the tools you will be using to create your selling success map. This map will be unique to you regardless of your personality, your product, or the market your pursuing.


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